What is an appropriate content-type header for JavaScript files?

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According to the IANA Registered MIME media type list, JS has two registered MIME types; the obsolete text/javascript and the now official application/javascript.

Thus, use application/javascript.

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The appropriate Content-Type header for JavaScript files is application/javascript.

The Content-Type header specifies the type of content that is being served by the server. When serving JavaScript files, it's important to set the Content-Type header correctly to ensure that the browser knows how to handle the file.

In the past, the Content-Type header for JavaScript files was set to text/javascript. However, the current standard for JavaScript files is application/javascript. This is specified in the MIME media type registration for JavaScript, which defines the standard for serving JavaScript files over the internet.

Using the correct Content-Type header for your JavaScript files can help ensure that they are interpreted correctly by the browser and can help prevent compatibility issues.


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