Remove useless zero digits from decimals in PHP

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$num + 0 does the trick.

echo 125.00 + 0; // 125echo '125.00' + 0; // 125echo 966.70 + 0; // 966.7

Internally, this is equivalent to casting to float with (float)$num or floatval($num) but I find it simpler.


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Method #2

To remove useless zero digits from decimals in PHP, you can use the rtrim() and number_format() functions together. Here's an example:

$number = 12.3400; // Use number_format() to format the number with 2 decimal places $formatted = number_format($number, 2); // Use rtrim() to remove any trailing zeros $formatted = rtrim($formatted, '0'); // If the last character is a decimal point, remove it as well $formatted = rtrim($formatted, '.'); echo $formatted; // Outputs "12.34"

In this example, the number_format() function is used to format the number with 2 decimal places. The resulting string includes trailing zeros, so the rtrim() function is used to remove them. If the last character in the resulting string is a decimal point, it is also removed.

Note that this approach assumes that you always want to display the number with 2 decimal places. If you want to display a variable number of decimal places, you can use the round() function with a precision argument to round the number to the desired number of decimal places before formatting it with number_format().


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