PHP Class using namespaces causes problems with my code that doesn't use namespaces. Why?

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The only way I have found to use this library with my existing, non-namespaced, procedural code is to remove all use statements and namespace statements from the library. This library only has 8 files, so this wasn't hard. I'd still like to hear answers from people if they have a better approach, as I'm sure this issue will come up again.

Update: Installing the library with Composer also fixes this issue.


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Method #2

When using namespaces in PHP, any class declared within a namespace is considered to be in that namespace. This means that when you use a class that is declared within a namespace, you need to specify the namespace in order to access the class.

For example, if you have a class MyClass declared within a namespace MyNamespace, you need to specify the namespace when instantiating the class:

$myObject = new MyNamespace\MyClass();

If you don't specify the namespace, PHP will look for the class in the global namespace, and will throw an error if the class is not found.

If you are using namespaces in some parts of your code, but not in others, this can cause issues when trying to use classes from one part of your code in another part that doesn't use namespaces. Specifically, if you try to use a namespaced class in code that doesn't use namespaces, PHP will not be able to find the class, and will throw an error.

To avoid this issue, you can either use namespaces consistently throughout your codebase, or you can use the use keyword to import namespaced classes into your non-namespaced code. For example:

namespace MyNamespace; class MyClass { // ... }
use MyNamespace\MyClass; $myObject = new MyClass();

In this example, we use the use keyword to import the MyClass class into our non-namespaced code. This allows us to instantiate the class without having to specify the namespace. However, note that if you have multiple classes with the same name in different namespaces, you may need to use fully qualified class names to disambiguate between them.


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