Is there any another way to configure Firestore with Php without recommendation of grpc extention?

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You can try either of the following:

  1. Github repository: Firestore PHP Client without gRCP extension
  2. Packagist - The PHP Package Repository: Firestore SDK for PHP without gRPC
  3. Github Repository: Firestore SDK for PHP without gRPC


Answered By: sllopis

Method #2

Yes, there are alternative ways to configure Firestore with PHP without using the gRPC extension.

One option is to use the Firestore REST API, which allows you to interact with Firestore using HTTP requests. This method does not require the gRPC extension, as it uses standard HTTP requests and responses. You can use any HTTP client library in PHP to make requests to the Firestore REST API.

Another option is to use a third-party Firestore library for PHP that does not depend on the gRPC extension. For example, there are several libraries available on GitHub that provide a PHP interface to Firestore using a combination of REST API calls and other techniques.

However, it's worth noting that using the gRPC extension is the recommended way to interact with Firestore from PHP, as it provides a more efficient and performant interface. If possible, you should consider installing the gRPC extension and using it with the Firestore PHP client library provided by Google.


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