getting all months between 2 dates

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With DateTime this could be easily achieved.

  1. Create a datetime object for each start and end date
  2. Setup an interval of 1 month
  3. Get a set of date beetween the start date and the end date with 1 month interval

Example :

public function getMonthListFromDate(Carbon $date){    $start    = new DateTime(); // Today date    $end      = new DateTime($date->toDateTimeString()); // Create a datetime object from your Carbon object    $interval = DateInterval::createFromDateString('1 month'); // 1 month interval    $period   = new DatePeriod($start, $interval, $end); // Get a set of date beetween the 2 period    $months = array();    foreach ($period as $dt) {        $months[] = $dt->format("F Y");    }    return $months;}

See it in action :


Answered By: BentoumiTech

Method #2

To get all the months between two dates, you can use a loop to iterate over each month between the start and end dates, and add each month to a list of months. Here is an example code snippet in Python:

from datetime import datetime, timedelta import calendar def get_months_between_dates(start_date, end_date): months = [] date = start_date.replace(day=1) end_date = end_date.replace(day=1) while date <= end_date: year = date.year month = date.month months.append((year, month)) days_in_month = calendar.monthrange(year, month)[1] date += timedelta(days=days_in_month) return months

In this example, we import the datetime, timedelta, and calendar modules. The get_months_between_dates function takes two date objects as arguments: start_date and end_date. The function initializes an empty list called months to store the months between the two dates.

We then create a new date object for the start_date and set its day attribute to 1. We do the same for end_date. This is because we want to iterate over months, and we need to start from the beginning of the month.

Next, we use a while loop to iterate over each month between the start and end dates. In each iteration, we get the year and month of the current date object and append it to the months list as a tuple (year, month).

We then use the monthrange function from the calendar module to get the number of days in the current month. We add this number of days to the date object using the timedelta function. This brings us to the first day of the next month.

Finally, the function returns the months list containing all the months between the start and end dates.


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