Deleting all files from a folder using PHP?

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$files = glob('path/to/temp/*'); // get all file namesforeach($files as $file){ // iterate files  if(is_file($file)) {    unlink($file); // delete file  }}

If you want to remove 'hidden' files like .htaccess, you have to use

$files = glob('path/to/temp/{,.}*', GLOB_BRACE);


Answered By: Floern

Method #2

To delete all files from a folder using PHP, you can use the glob() function to get a list of all files in the folder, and then use the unlink() function to delete each file one by one.

Here's an example:

$files = glob('/path/to/folder/*'); // Get all files in folder foreach ($files as $file) { if (is_file($file)) { // Check if file unlink($file); // Delete file } }

In this example, we're using the glob() function to get a list of all files in the folder specified by the path /path/to/folder/*. This will return an array of file paths, which we loop through using a foreach loop.

For each file path in the array, we check if it's a file using the is_file() function. If it is a file, we delete it using the unlink() function.

Note that this code will only delete files, not folders. If you want to delete a folder and all its contents, you can use the rmdir() function, but be careful as this will delete all files and subfolders inside the folder as well.


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