What is the reason behind controllers is declared as a string in routes for Laravel?

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The controller cant just call the method because it will make things more difficult to change later. When the controller gets to connected to the methods details, it will be tough to keep the code in good shape.

Better the controller should pass the methods reference as a parameter. This way the controller can use the method without getting tangled up in its specifics. Its a better way because it makes the code more flexible and easier to work on.

This is called "dependency injection" and its common to do in frameowrks. Its better to inject dependencies into a component than to have it create them directly. That way the component will be easier to test and maintain.

Passing a methods reference as a parameter is better than calling it directly. It helps to keep the controller from getting tied to the methods details. Making the code more adaptable and maintainable.

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In Laravel, the controllers are declared as strings in routes because it allows for easier management and flexibility when working with controllers.

When defining routes in Laravel, you can specify the controller that should handle a particular request using a string. This string represents the fully qualified name of the controller class that should be used to handle the request.

Using a string instead of an actual instance of the controller class allows Laravel to defer the creation of the controller until it is actually needed, which can improve the performance of your application by reducing the amount of unnecessary instantiation.

Additionally, declaring controllers as strings allows for easier management of controllers within your application. You can easily rename or move a controller class without having to update all of the references to it in your route definitions.

Overall, declaring controllers as strings in routes is a design decision made by the Laravel framework developers to provide flexibility, performance, and ease of management when working with controllers in your application.


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