Using reactJS, php and mysql is possible?

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I want to learn ReactJS, is it dependent on a certain backend?

No, it's not. It depends on your project needs and preference.

Is it possible to use ReactJS as frontend, then PHP and MySQL for the backend?

Yes, of course. You can build a backend with PHP using a framework like CodeIgniter, or Laravel, or vanilla PHP, and build your API and serve your React App with the data.

Or you can use Node.js for the backend, or Java spring boot, or .NET, or any backend language. Just build a good REST API and use the language that fits your project. There is a lot more to say.


Answered By: Ridha Rezzag

Yes, it is possible to use ReactJS, PHP, and MySQL together to build web applications. ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces, while PHP is a back-end programming language used to build server-side applications. MySQL is a popular relational database management system that is commonly used with PHP.

ReactJS can be used to build the user interface of a web application, while PHP can be used to handle server-side logic, such as authentication, authorization, and database operations. MySQL can be used as the database to store and retrieve data.

To connect ReactJS with PHP and MySQL, you can use APIs. You can build a PHP API that can interact with the MySQL database and expose the necessary endpoints for the ReactJS frontend to interact with. The ReactJS frontend can then use these APIs to make requests to the server and receive data from the database.

Overall, using ReactJS, PHP, and MySQL together can provide a powerful stack for building robust web applications.


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