Incomprehensible behavior of checkboxes in Livewire

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As it turned out, the @checked check does not work in livewire. The solution was to change the input in the blade view

<input wire:model="filterProperties.{{$propertyValue->id}}"                                                           id="{{$propertyValue->id}}"                                                           type="checkbox"                                                           class="h-4 w-4 border-secondary-300 rounded text-indigo-600 focus:ring-indigo-500">                                                    <label for="{{$propertyValue->id}}"                                                           class="ml-3 text-sm text-gray-600"> {{$propertyValue->value}}                                                    </label>


    public function mount($parentGroup){    $this->currentGroupId = $parentGroup->id;    session([        'currentGroupId' => $this->currentGroupId,    ]);    $this->products_tpl = $this->getProducts($this->currentGroupId())->cursorPaginate(30);    $this->products = collect($this->products_tpl->items());    $this->childGroups = $parentGroup->childGroups;    $this->allProperties = $this->getProperties($this->productsId);    if (session('filterScope-'.$this->currentGroupId())){        $this->filterProperties = session('filterScope-'.$this->currentGroupId());        $this->updatedFilterProperties();    }}

and updated():

public function updatedFilterProperties(){    if ($this->filterProperties){            session([                'filterScope-'.$this->currentGroupId() => array_filter($this->filterProperties),            ]);    }    if (Arr::first(session('filterScope-'.$this->currentGroupId())) != null){        $this->products_tpl = $this->getProducts($this->currentGroupId())->whereHas('values', function ($q) {            $q->whereIn('property_value_id', array_keys(session('filterScope-'.$this->currentGroupId())));        })->cursorPaginate(30);    }    if (Arr::first(session('filterScope-'.$this->currentGroupId())) == null){        $this->products_tpl = $this->getProducts($this->currentGroupId())->cursorPaginate(30);    }    $this->products = collect($this->products_tpl->items());}

Now the selected checkboxes are loaded as expected from the array that is stored in the session, and also based on this array, we filter the result in advance.


Answered By: RomatexDev

 Based on the description of the behavior you are experiencing, it is likely that the issue is related to how Livewire is handling the state of the checkboxes.

When you use wire:model to bind the state of a checkbox to a Livewire property, Livewire will dynamically update the state of that property as the user interacts with the checkbox. This can result in the checkbox being displayed as checked or unchecked based on the current value of the property.

However, when the Livewire component is rendered, the state of the properties may not be immediately available or may still be in the process of being updated. This can result in the checkboxes being displayed correctly for a brief moment and then disappearing as Livewire finishes rendering the component.

If you remove wire:model, the state of the checkboxes will be static and not bound to a Livewire property. This means that the checkboxes will always be displayed in the state they were initially rendered in.

To resolve the issue with the disappearing checkboxes, you may need to ensure that the Livewire component has fully updated the state of the properties before rendering the checkboxes. One way to do this is to use the wire:loading directive to conditionally display a loading indicator while the component is still updating.

Another approach may be to use JavaScript to initialize the state of the checkboxes based on the current value of the Livewire property after the component has finished rendering.

It's difficult to provide a more specific solution without seeing the code for your Livewire component and how the checkboxes are being rendered. However, I hope this information helps you understand the possible cause of the behavior you are experiencing.


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