How to use google cloud logging at a lumen/laravel application

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Lumen seems to work the same logging infrastructure as Laravel does. By default it uses Monolog which is a PSR-3 compatible logging library but I think the following code might also work for logging with Google cloud:

Create the logger factory class:

class CreateGoogleCloudLogger {    public function __invoke() {       $logging = new LoggingClient([          'projectId' => $projectId       ]);       return $logging->psrLogger('app');          }}

Change your .env file:


Then add this in your AppServiceProvider register function

config(['logging.channels.googlecloud' => [    'driver' => 'custom',    'via' => App\Logging\CreateGoogleCloudLogger::class,] ]);

This should use the factory to create a PSR-3 compatible logger.


Answered By: apokryfos

Method #2

To use Google Cloud Logging in a Lumen/Laravel application, you can follow these steps:

  1. Set up a Google Cloud Platform project: If you haven't already, create a Google Cloud Platform project and enable the Cloud Logging API.

  2. Install the Google Cloud Logging package: You can install the Google Cloud Logging package using Composer. Run the following command in your terminal:

    composer require google/cloud-logging
  3. Set up authentication: To authenticate your application with Google Cloud Platform, you can set up a service account and download the JSON key file. You can then set the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable to the path of the key file.

  4. Configure the logging driver: In your Lumen/Laravel application, open the config/logging.php file and add the following driver configuration:

    'stack' => [ 'driver' => 'stack', 'channels' => ['gcp'], ], 'gcp' => [ 'driver' => 'monolog', 'handler' => Google\Cloud\Logging\LoggingHandler::class, 'handler_with' => [ 'projectId' => env('GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT_ID'), 'logName' => 'laravel', ], ],

    This configuration will create a logging channel called gcp that uses the Google\Cloud\Logging\LoggingHandler handler class.

  5. Use the logging channel: In your application code, you can use the Log facade to log messages to the gcp channel. For example:

    Log::channel('gcp')->info('This is a log message.');

    This will log a message to the Cloud Logging API with the info severity level.

That's it! Your Lumen/Laravel application should now be configured to use Google Cloud Logging for logging.


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