How to print selected number of week in PHP

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If you want to loop through a php list with foreach, and use both keys and values in your code, I recommend to use both "key" and "value" tags in creation of foreach.

<select name="day" class="form-select">   <?php        /*---- Create your foreach with keys and values in here ------*/            foreach ($daysOfWeek as $key => $value) {                /*---- Echo in here (with testing values) ----*/                    echo "<option";                        if ($value == $day) { // "$day" is numeric I assume                            echo 'selected="selected"';                        }                    echo " value='" . $value . "'>" . $key . "</option>";            }   ?></select>


Answered By: JamalThaBoss

Method #2

To print a selected number of weeks in PHP, you can use the date() function along with the strtotime() function. Here's an example code that prints the dates of the next 4 weeks:

<?php $weeks = 4; // number of weeks to print for ($i = 0; $i < $weeks; $i++) { $start = strtotime('+'.$i.' week'); $end = strtotime('+'.$i.' week +6 days'); echo 'Week '.($i+1).': '.date('M j, Y', $start).' - '.date('M j, Y', $end).'<br>'; } ?>

This code uses a for loop to iterate over the specified number of weeks. For each week, it calculates the start and end dates using the strtotime() function with a relative date string. Then it formats the dates using the date() function and prints them along with the week number.

You can adjust the $weeks variable to change the number of weeks to print, and modify the date format string in the date() function to display the dates in a different format if desired.


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