Generate random numbers without repeat and sequence

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function generatePin() { $digits = range(0, 9);    shuffle($digits);    $pin = '';    while (strlen($pin) < 4) {        // Get a random digit from the shuffled array        $digit = array_pop($digits);        // Check if the digit would create a sequence with the last digit in the pin        if (strlen($pin) > 0 && ($digit == $pin[strlen($pin) - 1] - 1 || $digit == $pin[strlen($pin) - 1] + 1)) {            // Skip this digit and shuffle the array again            shuffle($digits);        } elseif (strlen($pin) == 0 || !in_array($digit, str_split($pin))) {            // Add the digit to the pin if it is not already in the pin            $pin .= $digit;        }    }    return $pin;}


Answered By: Mahdi Rashidi

Method #2

Here's a PHP code snippet that generates an array of n unique random numbers within a specified range:

<?php $start = 1; // starting number of range $end = 100; // ending number of range $n = 10; // number of random numbers to generate $numbers = array(); while (count($numbers) < $n) { $num = mt_rand($start, $end); if (!in_array($num, $numbers)) { $numbers[] = $num; } } print_r($numbers);

This code uses a while loop to generate random numbers until the array contains n unique numbers. The mt_rand() function generates a random integer between start and end, inclusive. The in_array() function checks whether the number already exists in the array. If the number is not in the array, it is added to the end of the array using the [] syntax.

You can adjust the start, end, and n variables to generate random numbers within different ranges and with different lengths of the resulting array.


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