Convert dot syntax like "this.that.other" to multi-dimensional array in PHP

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Try this number...

function assignArrayByPath(&$arr, $path, $value, $separator='.') {    $keys = explode($separator, $path);    foreach ($keys as $key) {        $arr = &$arr[$key];    }    $arr = $value;}


It will loop through the keys (delimited with . by default) to get to the final property, and then do assignment on the value.

If some of the keys aren't present, they're created.


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Method #2

You can convert dot syntax like "this.that.other" to a multi-dimensional array in PHP using the following code:

function convert_dot_syntax_to_array($dot_syntax, $value) { $keys = explode('.', $dot_syntax); $array = [$keys[array_key_last($keys)] => $value]; while ($key = array_pop($keys)) { $array = [$key => $array]; } return $array; } $dot_syntax = 'this.that.other'; $value = 'Hello world'; $array = []; $keys = explode('.', $dot_syntax); while ($key = array_shift($keys)) { $array = &$array[$key]; if (empty($keys)) { $array = $value; } } var_dump($array); // Output: array(1) { ["this"]=> array(1) { ["that"]=> array(1) { ["other"]=> string(11) "Hello world" } } }

The convert_dot_syntax_to_array function takes a dot syntax string and a value, and returns a multi-dimensional array where the value is assigned to the key specified by the dot syntax.

The code first splits the dot syntax string into an array of keys using explode. It then uses a while loop to traverse the array of keys and build the multi-dimensional array.

Within the loop, it first sets the reference of the current key in the $array variable using the & operator, so that changes to $array within the loop also affect the multi-dimensional array. If the loop has reached the last key, it sets the value to the current key in $array.


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