Convert an array of strings, each string has dot separated values, to a multidimensional array in php

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This code uses a function from this answer to do what you're looking for.

<?php$test = Array(    0 => 'INBOX.Trash',    1 => 'INBOX.Sent',    2 => 'INBOX.Drafts',    3 => 'INBOX.Test.sub folder',    4 => 'INBOX.Test.sub folder.test 2',);$output = array();foreach($test as $element){    assignArrayByPath($output, $element);   }debug($output);function assignArrayByPath(&$arr, $path) {    $keys = explode('.', $path);        while ($key = array_shift($keys)) {        $arr = &$arr[$key];    }}function debug($arr){    echo "<pre>";    print_r($arr);    echo "</pre>";}


Answered By: Ankit

Method #2

To convert an array of dot-separated strings to a multidimensional array in PHP, you can use the following code:

function dotToMultiArray($array) { $result = array(); foreach ($array as $key => $value) { $keys = explode('.', $key); $ref = &$result; while (count($keys) > 1) { $currentKey = array_shift($keys); if (!isset($ref[$currentKey])) { $ref[$currentKey] = array(); } $ref = &$ref[$currentKey]; } $ref[array_shift($keys)] = $value; } return $result; }

This function takes an associative array with dot-separated keys and converts it into a multidimensional array. The keys of the input array represent the dot-separated values, and the values represent the corresponding values of the multidimensional array.

Here's an example usage:

$input = array( 'first.second.third' => 'value1', 'first.fourth' => 'value2', 'fifth' => 'value3' ); $output = dotToMultiArray($input); print_r($output);

The output will be:

Array ( [first] => Array ( [second] => Array ( [third] => value1 ) [fourth] => value2 ) [fifth] => value3 )

This function uses a reference to the current level of the multidimensional array in order to create the nested arrays. It also uses array_shift to remove the first key of the dot-separated string and isset to check if the nested array exists.


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