Why Is PHP Artisan Serve Not Updating My Page

 The php artisan serve command starts a development server for your PHP application. If you are experiencing issues with your page not updating after making changes, there could be a few reasons why this is happening:

  1. Caching: Your browser may be caching the old version of the page, so even if you make changes to the code and refresh the page, it may still be showing the old version. To resolve this, you can try clearing your browser's cache or opening the page in a private browsing window.

  2. Server caching: Your server may also be caching the page, so even if you make changes to the code, the server may be serving the cached version of the page. To resolve this, you can try stopping the server using Ctrl+C and restarting it using php artisan serve command.

  3. Incorrect file path: If you have updated the code, but the changes are not reflecting on the page, it could be that you are editing the wrong file or that the file path is incorrect. Make sure that you are editing the correct file and that the file path is correct.

  4. PHP errors: If there are PHP errors in your code, it could prevent the page from loading properly. Check the console for any error messages and resolve them before refreshing the page.

By resolving these issues, you should be able to see the updated version of your page after making changes to your code.


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