Electronics and Communication Engineering - Electromagnetic Field Theory MCQs Part 11

1.For a distortionless line, the parameters are related as

A. R/G = L/C
B. R/L = 1
C. R/G = C/L
D. RG = LC

 Answer Option A

2.A field can be

A. harmonic
B. divergence less
C. solenoidal
D. rotational

 Answer Option D

3.Phase velocity of waves propagating in a hollow metal waveguide is

A. greater than the group velocity
B. less than the velocity of light in free space
C. equal to the velocity of light in free space
D. equal to group velocity

 Answer Option A

4.If a plane electromagnetic wave satisfies the equation , the wave propagates in the (at an angle of 45° between the x and z direction)

A. x-direction
B. z-direction
C. y direction
D. xy plane

 Answer Option B

5.Good smoothing factor of a coil depends on

A. inductance of the coil
B. terminal voltage
C. cross-sectional area of the wire of the coil
D. property of the wire of the coil

 Answer Option D

6.MUF is given by

A. fc sec θ
B. fc cos θ
D. fc tan θ

 Answer Option A

7.A waveguide behave as

A. high Pass filter
B. low Pass filter
C. band Pass filter
D. all Pass filter

 Answer Option A

8.Radar antennas are usually

A. dipoles
B. yagi antennas
C. parabolic dishes
D. none of the above

 Answer Option C

9.The radio horizon for space waves is about three-fourth as for as the optical horizon.

A. True
B. False

 Answer Option B

10.Triatics are

A. small height antenna directly mounted on jeeps, ships, etc.
B. the towers or masts which are used as radiators
C. the towers or masts which are not used as radiators
D. supports for antenna conductors.

 Answer Option C


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