Define Basic PHP Syntax

 PHP syntax is the set of rules that defines how a PHP script should be written. Here are some basic PHP syntax rules:

  1. PHP code is enclosed in <?php ?> tags, which indicate the start and end of PHP code.

  2. PHP statements end with a semicolon (;).

  3. PHP variables start with a dollar sign ($), followed by the variable name.

  4. PHP is not case-sensitive, but it is a best practice to use consistent casing in your code.

  5. Comments can be added to PHP code using two forward slashes (//) for single-line comments or enclosing the comment in /* */ for multi-line comments.


<?php // This is a single-line comment /* This is a multi-line comment */ $name = "John"; // Define a variable echo "Hello, $name!"; // Print a message using the variable ?>


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