mapping payload with json object in dataweave

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Assuming that the input and table are arrays and that entries in the table are unique per CodeSap the following script works, though the output is a bit different than expected because of the incomplete table provided:

%dw 2.0output application/jsonvar varTable=[{    "CodeSap": null,    "Libelle": "",    "CodeOT": 1  },  {    "CodeSap": 0,    "Libelle": "Elle a demandé un délai de paiement",    "CodeOT": 1  },  {    "CodeSap": 1,    "Libelle": "Elle a des factures SATD",    "CodeOT": 2  },  {    "CodeSap": 2,    "Libelle": "Elle a des factures remises à l’huissier",    "CodeOT": 2  }]---payload map (item, index) -> {            refSig: item.refSig,      codeOt: (varTable filter (item.indSap == $.CodeSap))[0].CodeOT}


[  {    "refSig": "0110443372",    "codeOt": null  },  {    "refSig": "0000443942",    "codeOt": 1  },  {    "refSig": "0117243942",    "codeOt": 1  }]


Answered By: aled


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