excel vba keep only numbers in string

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A simple method is by using Regular Expressions in a function.Merely pass the string to this function, at it will remove all of the non-digits:

Function removeNonDigits(str As String) As String 'or as long, if you prefer    Dim re As Object    Set re = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")With re    .Pattern = "\D+"    .Global = True    removeNonDigits = .Replace(str, "")End WithEnd Function

If you don't want to use Regular Expressions, you can loop through the string:

Function removeNonDigits(str As String) As String    Dim I As Long    Dim tmp As Stringtmp = ""For I = 1 To Len(str)    If IsNumeric(Mid(str, I, 1)) Then        tmp = tmp & Mid(str, I, 1)    End IfNext IremoveNonDigits = tmpEnd Function

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Answered By: Ron Rosenfeld


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